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pottery painting

Pick your piece of pottery from a selection of over 400 pieces: dinnerware, home decor, kids items and seasonal pieces, too!
We have stencils, silkscreens, and images to help you create a masterpiece, even if you’ve never painted before. We have all of the supplies and instruction needed to create easily!
Pottery pieces are sold separately; the studio fee is $6/kids and $8/adults (includes all of your supplies and the glazing and firing). The pottery ranges $5 - $70 (average $15-$25 per piece). Our glazes are non-toxic and lead-free making them safe for all ages. All dinnerware is food safe after it's fired.
When you're done, leave your pieces to be fired. Pottery will be ready to pick up in 7 days.


glass fusing

Glass fusing is fun and easy! It's simply layering decorative glass pieces on a glass base. The piece is fired in a kiln and becomes one gorgeous design after it's all fused together. 

Take an intro class (sign up for email to receive class updates) or call to schedule a group. Customers new to glass can visit during the week; walk-ins are not taken on the weekend.

We will show how to use different tools to cut the glass to make your design. We have a variety of glass colors, strips, stringers, noodles, and frit. We have samples to help you - and Pinterest is a great place to get ideas, too! You can make nightlights, pendants, plates and more.

Pricing is based on the size of your base, and start at $24. Glass pieces are left at the studio to be fired and are ready for pickup in 7 days.

* Glass fusing is not recommended for children under 10 years old. 


An ancient art, mosaics simply dazzle! Using a wood base, glue brightly-colored tiles in a design. You will love seeing what you can create! If you want to grout it yourself, you can take it home with you on the same day with grout we send with you. Or, for a small fee, we grout it for you and you can pick it up in a week.

We have over 20 different bases: trivets, mirrors, cupcakes, frogs, seahorses, hearts, stars and more.

Great for kids and adults! Pricing starts at $24.


board art

Looking for a great project to take home the same day? Board art is it!

Choose your design and board size (not all designs are available in every board size). We will help you choose your stencil design and then adhere it to the wood sign. We'll help you select your acrylic paint and then you're off!

Board art pricing starts at $24

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